AZURE 3 Blades 2035 Series CLEAR 4cw 4ccw

AZURE 3 Blades 2035 Series CLEAR 4cw 4ccw

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A new micro prop from Azure, the 2035 tri blade t mount.

The combination of designs, best materials, and experience makes this propeller a winner.

  • Patented design and unique shape
  • Optimized shape and airfoils
  • Propellers are optimized for racing
  • High durability and extremely light weight
  • Excellent quality 

Length 2.0"  Pitch= 3.5˚  Hub ID = 5mm

Material & Style
PCHG.(High-grade) Polycarbonate0.7g

What's in the package?

1 Set
4x CCW Propellers, 4x CW Propellers 

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