BETAFPV 1204-5000KV Brushless Motor 1pc (upgrade 85x and other models) NEW!

BETAFPV 1204-5000KV Brushless Motor 1pc (upgrade 85x and other models) NEW!

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1204 5000KV motor is one of the best motors for 2-3inch FPV Racing Drone, which has increased power efficiency, adopting multi-heat dissipation hole design helps to pull heat away continuously in flight. Super durable and ultra-light unibody bell shape with only 5.9g. The sturdy structure and high-quality materials make it performs like a beast, you"ll have your mind blown!

Fast speed, powerful performance and high efficiency, this video will show your all of those features which 1204 motors have. Shooted by t0t0 FPV.


  • Power efficiency becomes higher, experience more flight time
  • The first betafpv motor to adopt all-new unibody bell shape design and brand blue color, enjoy this fantastic motor
  • Standard mounting pattern at the bottom, adapt to all frames on the market
  • Adopt a curved magnet structure to achieve more smooth and silent 

  • Compatible with 3-4S lipo battery



      • Height: 15.4mm
      • Weight: 5.9g (1 pcs)
      • Shaft: φ1.5mm
      • Motor Mount Holes: M2EQS on Dia 5.0mm
      • KV (rpm/V): 5000
      • Input Voltage: 3-4S LIPO
      • Plug and cables: Micro JST-1.25 3-pin connector with 28AWG cables (5000KV)


      • 1* BETAFPV 1204 5000KV Brushless Motors
      • or
      • 4* BETAFPV 1204 5000KV Brushless Motors

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