BETAFPV F411 Brushless FC/OSD V2 (beta85/75/65) NEW!

BETAFPV F411 Brushless FC/OSD V2 (beta85/75/65) NEW!

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  • Product Code: BETA-FC-V2
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This F4 flight controller and ESC are customised for the brushless whoop drones Beta65X and Beta75X. It will turn the brushless whoop drone into a beast. New V2 with updated processor and built in SPI frsky rx.


    • CPU: STM32F411 (Overclock to 240MHz)
    • Six-Axis: MPU6000
    • Size: 26mm x 26mm, whoop mounting pattern
    • Firmware version: Betaflight OMNIBUSF4SD (OBSD)
    • OSD: Built-in BetaFlight OSD (STM32 controls OSD chip over SPI in DMA mode)
    • Built in SPI Frsky rx
    • RSSI ports is available
    • Buzzer solder pads
    • Weight: 2.7g

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