FuriousFPV True-D X (for Fatshark Dominators) - Red NEW!

FuriousFPV True-D X (for Fatshark Dominators) - Red NEW!

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The new generation of video receiver technology is finally here. The new Furious FPV True-D X will not only change your expectations for analog video quality but sets a new standard for pricing of top shelf receiver modules!

Instruction Manual 

Features & Specifications:

1/ Compatibility: All Dominator goggles, including V1, V2, V3, SE, HD1, HD2, HD3, HDO. (except Attitude V3, V4. We’ll release another version for Attitude)
2/ Auxiliary Power: Included board + flat flex cable for goggles that cannot provide enough power (Dom HDO do not require this)
3/ Sensitivity: Better than -96dBm
4/ Power: 5V @ ~450mA
5/ Modes: TRUE X, TRUE Diversity

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