GEMFAN Hurricane X Props 51455 Green NEW!

GEMFAN Hurricane X Props 51455 Green NEW!

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The newest 5" quad blade prop to hit the market is here, the Gemfan Hurricane 51455. Next level grip in the corners and acceleration any pro racer would be impressed by. 

Hurricane X Props

  • Blades:4
  • Material:PC
  • Pitch:3.86inch
  • Prop Disk Diameter:129.75mm
  • Center Thickness:7mm
  • Center Hole Inner diameter:5mm popo
  • Max Prop Width:12.55mm
  • Weight:5.3g
  • Adaptive Motor:2205-2407


  • 4x Gemfan Hurricane X 51455 Durable Quad-Blade 5" Prop (2CW, 2CCW)

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