GOBLIN BLACK NITRO 700 GREEN/CARBON (With ThunderBolt Main And Tail Blades)

GOBLIN BLACK NITRO 700 GREEN/CARBON (With ThunderBolt Main And Tail Blades)

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The new Goblin Black Nitro 700 is the continuous of the Goblin Black Nitro 650 which performs with 690mm main blades and 115mm tail blades.

In addition to the flight characteristics, we have paid special attention to making all maintenance work quick and easy. The SAB modular concept allows you to remove the engine unit and the tank in just a few minutes.

General Specifications:
  • Main rotor diameter: 1548 mm with 690 mm size blades
  • Tail rotor diameter: 305 mm with 115 mm size tail blades
  • Approximate weight RTF: 4800 grams
  • Cyclic Servos: Standard size (40mm)
  • Tail Servo: Standard size (40mm)
  • Tank capacity: 650 cc
  • Main rotor Ratio: 8.23
  • Typical power setup: 90 / 120 Glow engine.
  • Flight Battery: 2S 1600/3000 mAh

Kit Includes:
  • 690 mm ThunderBolt main blades
  • 115 mm ThunderBolt tail blades



The center of gravity is one of the most essential items to a nitro model. We made it a priority to have a high and neutral center of gravity. The fuel tank is located in the center of the main shaft so that as the fuel level changes, the center of gravity remains the same.

//www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/Nitro Center of Gravity1.JPG

The engine and all of its components are in one modular design. With 4 bolts, you can easily remove and install the entire engine assembly from the model.

//www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/G-Nitro Module 11.JPG

Starting assembly, clutch stack, fan and motor pulley are installed on one shaft that is directly mounted onto the engine itself. This assures that everything with the engine is perfectly aligned for smooth transmission.

//www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/Engine Clutch1.JPG


//www.goblin-helicopter.com/shop/images/Nitro 700 dimension.jpg

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