Goblin Urukay Carbon Edition [SG725]

Goblin Urukay Carbon Edition [SG725]

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SG725 - Goblin Urukay Carbon Edition

SAB are proud to announce the Urukay CARBON. This machine got the 1st and 3th place to last European championship with Ennio Graber and Daniele Duzzi

  • The graphics scheme is perfect for the competition.
  • The HF3C rotor head ( 2 blades ) was developed for the best result in F3C style flight.
  • The new Carbon fuselage is made with new process and now is very light
  • The new Fin is separate and with a new design. It is increase the tail rotor efficency
  • The new frame is compatible with ESC in top position and ESC in bottom position
  • Ennio Graber: The new Goblin Urukay Carbon with its important changes, improves an already successful helicopter and makes it the pinnacle for competitions.The differences and versatility of the Urukay Carbon allow you to experience a new dimension of model helicopter flight.

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