Eachine R051 5.8g 150ch AV Receiver w/Built in Battery For Mobile Device (Android/IOS)

Eachine R051 5.8g 150ch AV Receiver w/Built in Battery For Mobile Device (Android/IOS)

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Lets your friends, family and passersby share the experience of fpv with this handy little device.

Notice :  Usually your smartphone will auto recognize and open the APP when you connect it with the receiver. The receiver is compatible with most smartphone. To check whether it is compatible, you can download the APP and open it, to see if it can enter the display mode, normally it will show "open fail" at first,  then in black screen with menu.
The iOS system doesn't support the APP directly,  so when you scan the QR code,  it will download the 
APP of "uTools"  . You can open the "uTools" , then connect the R051 and turn it on. "Eachine" APP inside will appears.



  • Channel : 150CH
  • Freqency : 5645~5945
  • Receiving Sensitivity : -90dBm
  • Working Current : 350mA
  • Working Temp. : -10°~60°
  • Battery Capacity : 400mAH
  • Weight : 36g with antenna 
  • Size :  55mm x 36mm x 15mm

1. Switch :  Power ON/OFF
2. Channel Button : Switch and Search Channels
3. Toggle Switch : Support to switch IOS/Android smartphone
4. Micro USB Port : Connecting IOS/Android Smartphone
5. Antenna : 5.8G wireless signal input
6. Indicator : Blue LED represents IOS mode;Green LED represents Android mode;Red LED represents low battery and charging mode.
1. Long press switch button for 3S : switch on(IOS Mode, blue LED on; Android Mode, green LED on)
2. Long press switch button for 3s : LED off, switch off.
3. If there is no device input, it will automatically turn off after 3 minutes.
Auto Search Setting
1. IOS/Android Mode :  Long press the channel button for 3S, to enter into the auto search mode, Blue LED
(IOS)/Green LED(Android) flashes. After the auto search finished, LED is constant, and it will switch to the channel of strongest signal.
2. It will display the signal strength and frequency on smartphone while auto searching.
3. It can save the last channel setting.
Channel Setting
1. IOS/Android Mode : Each time you press the channel button ,the channel increases by 2MHz, Blue LED
(IOS)/Green LED(Android) flashes once.
2. It can save the last channel setting.
Battery Indicator
1. Red LED flashes slowly : Low battery, the receiver will switch off after it flashes about 3 minutes
2. There is a battery power icon on bottom right of smartphone, will flashes when it is in low battery.
1. It must be switched off while charging
2. While charging, red LED flashes; after charing finished, red LED shows constantly
3. After swithed off, please disconnect with smarphone. Because the android smarphone will charge it while it is off.
1. The channel frequency, signal strength and dynamic diagram will not displayed untill you press or long press "searching button" to enter into the auto searching function. And these information will be hidden 10s later.
2. The icons of Channel frequency, signal strength and power will display constantly on bottom right of video, these information will refresh each 10s.
3. The connection of android and IOS mobiles are different, please check pictures on page.

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