SonicX 220 FPV Racing Frame made by AstroX

SonicX 220 FPV Racing Frame made by AstroX

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FPV-Direct SonicX - Hypersonic FPV Awaits

The SonicX is not a re-branded replica. Rather, the FPV-Direct SonicX is based upon the AstroX Switch with a modified design & layout, based upon the collaboration of FPV-Direct & AstroX to develop the best FPV platform on the market today.

Enter the very best in FPV racing with the brand new FPV-Direct SonicX. Partnering with AstroX, the SonicX was designed for nothing but pure FPV dominance with the very best in function, speed and outright ballistic performance.

Tipping the scales at a featherlight weight of 85g with all hardware and carbon plates, the SonicX features ultra high quality carbon frame pieces with incredibly tight hardware holes for the very best in fit and finish. Coalesce these attributes with silky coated carbon with rounded / chamfered edges and countersunk hardware holes, the SonicX screams precision for the ultimate in build perfection.

Integrating vivid 7075 T6 aluminum anodized purple hardware with 6061 anodized blue standoffs for the FC and PDB, the SonicX stands apart from all the rest with the highest end build quality & design that directly relates to FPV perfection. Add a 2.5mm C-reinforced carbon top / camera plate to the mix, the SonicX boasts massive strength and durability for the most intense levels of FPV, with ultra rigid 2mm side plates, front and rear.

Want to mix it up? We have you covered with crossover capability via the Exact X & Stretched X kits offered by AstroX. Designed for the very latest in FPV, the SonicX offers top mount / bottom mount battery options, full size & mini size FPV camera mounting with ultra rapid switch capability, and last but not least, full support for the very latest GoPro Hero 6 and GoPro Sessions 5 for the utmost in video clarity.

Step into the ultimate in FPV insanity with the FPV-Direct SonicX - the end all, be all in FPV brilliance.


  • Ultra High Quality 3k Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Massively Durable 2.5mm / 2mm Carbon Frame Layout
  • Featherweight 85g Weight w/ Included Hardware & Frame Parts
  • True X Style Layout for Maximum Levels of FPV Performance 
  • Vivid 7075 T6 Anodized Aluminum Hardware
  • Super Precise Hardware Holes for Incredible Levels of Precision
  • Silky Coated Carbon Fiber w/ Rounded / Chamfered Edges & Countersunk Holes
  • Crossover Compatible w/ the AstroX Exact X & Stretched X Frames
  • Next Generation FPV Ready w/ Mini & Full Size Camera Compatibility
  • GoPro Hero 6 & Sessions 5 Full Compatibility
  • Flexible Top or Bottom Mounted Battery System
  • Improved, Durable & Light Weight Easy Grip Black Standoffs
  • Specialty Mystery Package of Goodies Inside Each Kit

Recommended LiPo Batteries:

  • 1300mAh - 1600mAh 4S 14.8V
  • 1300mAh - 1500mAh 5S 18.5V
  • 1000mAh - 1300mAh 6S 22.2V

Hardware & Spare Parts:

  • (4) M3.5x16mm Flat Head 7075 T6 Aluminum Screws - Anodized Purple
  • (12) M3.5x10mm Flat Head 7075 T6 Aluminum Screws - Anodized Purple 
  • (2) M3.5x8mm Button Head 7075 T6 Aluminum Screws - Anodized Purple
  • (2) 3mm Countersunk Flat Washers - Anodized Purple 
  • (4) 6061 Aluminum Standoffs - Anodized Blue

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Stock Screws, Nylon Standoffs & Nylon Nuts
  • FPV-Direct & AstroX Battery Straps

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