Flight One Spark32 V2 4in1 ESC NEW!

Flight One Spark32 V2 4in1 ESC NEW!

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This is the newest version of the Spark32, the V2. The addition of the extra caps helps filter out unwanted emf and is currently the main choice of esc for the Flight One team pilots. Paired up with the revolt osd or your choice of 20x20 fc makes this a champion race winning setup!

The first 20x20 4in1 esc that can handle 6s reliably and won't fry your gear or itself! Please be aware of the size as it has a rather large footprint compared to other 20x20 mounting pattern boards.

Four ESCs Built Into One

The RaceFlight Spark32 4n1 electronic speed controller (ESC) provides the power of BlHeli_32 performance in a tiny package. This makes your electronic stack small, and eliminates the need for an additional PDB. The Spark32 4n1 ESC performs great, helps clean up any build, and is perfect for your 5″ light weight builds for maximum power.


  • Weight: 7.1 grams
  • 20 mm x 20 mm mounting hole spacing
  • 50 Amps per channel
  • BlHeli32
  • D-Shot ready
  • 3s – 6s compatible
  • Connects directly to the MillivoltOSD
  • Voltage sent to flight controller and mah consumption
  • Easy Install
  • High quality components

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