Mode2 Shredder V1 – 7″ FPV Freestyle/Long Range Frame FREE UPGRADE Bottom plate

Mode2 Shredder V1 – 7″ FPV Freestyle/Long Range Frame FREE UPGRADE Bottom plate

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Please note, this frame is made specifically for Micro/Mini cameras. We'll throw in an upgrade bottom plate for every purchase.

Long range just got a new best friend with the 7" Shredder fpv frame!

Cowabunga dudes, it’s time to shred.

Yes, friends, the new Shredder. It slices, it dices, and it makes french fries three different ways.  Well, not really, but you get the picture.  The Mode 2 Shredder is a lightweight, 220mm symmetrical-X quadcopter frame, that will certainly cut through the skies like a sharp knife through a hot pepperoni pizza.

The Shredder is a totally tubular multipurpose frame built for racing, freestyle, and even long range if you’re flying the 7″.  You can probably even fly it through the sewers,  though we don’t recommend you do.

 A radically light 105g, the Shredder FPV frame has a low deck design like a stealth ninja.  The frame also features arms that join wickedly tight in the middle, and have 4 press-fit nuts that secure the arms against the body.  We’ve also included four gnarly 25mm stack bolts for your flight controller and electronics.  You can even top or bottom mount your battery according to your preference. Talk about bitchin!

You fly well… in the old style. But you’ve caused yourself enough trouble. Now you face, The Shredder.

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