Mode2 Shredder V2 5" Freestyle/Long Range Frame NEW

Mode2 Shredder V2 5" Freestyle/Long Range Frame NEW

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The new Shredder II from Mode 2 is finally here and features tons of radical improvements over the original, and we didn’t use any secret ooze to get the job done.  The Mode 2 Shredder II is a robust symmetrical X quadcopter frame that is as light as possible without sacrificing rigidity and strength.

The Shredder is a totally tubular multipurpose frame built for racing, freestyle, and long range if you’re flying the 7″ or 10″.  You can probably even fly it through the sewers,  though we don’t recommend you do.



The Shredder II features a gnarly interlocking arm system which will ensure the arms stay in place at all times.  The 5″ variant comes with 4mm thick arms, the 7″ comes with 5mm thick arms and the 10″ comes with 6mm thick arms, which helps to fight and reduce resonance in longer arm sizes.

We’ve also included four 25mm stack bolts for your flight controller and electronics.   Also featured in the rear of the frame is a 20×20 stack section for your TBS CRSF/Unify Nanos, or other similar hardware, allowing for a more streamlined and low-profile build.  You can also top or bottom mount your battery according to your preferences.

Get one soon and start shredding!


5", 7", 10"


240mm Symmetrical X (5")
280mm Symmetrical X (7")
370mm Symmetrical X (10")


5", 5.5"
6", 6.5", 7"
9", 10"


Flight Controller: 30.5×30.5mm; 20x20mm
Motors: 22xx-24xx
Rear Accessory: 20x20mm


3K Weave
Matte Finish
3mm Chamfered Top Plate
3mm Chamfered Bottom Plate
4mm Chamfered Arms (5")
5mm Chamfered Arms (7")
6mm Chamfered Arms (10")
4-6mm Locking Tab


Stainless Steel Fasteners (x17) 8mm (5" / 7")
Stainless Steel Fasteners (x8) 8mm, (x9) 10mm (10")
Stainless Steel Fasteners (x4) 25mm
Stainless Steel Washer 1mm (x9) M3
Stainless Steel Low Profile Nut (x4) M3
Female to Female Nylon Stack Riser (x4)
Aluminium Standoffs (x4) 25mm Gunmetal


TPU Micro Camera Mount


TPU Antenna/Axii Mount


5" – 115g
7" – 130g
10" – 165g

The supplied stack hardware adds an additional 7g

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