OLAFPV VTX ASSASSIN VTX/RX Mounting Board Video Kill Switch NEW!

OLAFPV VTX ASSASSIN VTX/RX Mounting Board Video Kill Switch NEW!

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With the recent news that MultiGP and other racing organisations will allow vtx kill switches for practise and team racing, the new Vtx Assassin is exactly what you need. Keep your builds clean and give you the ability to shut off your vtx with the flip of a switch on your radio. Major benefit to this means you can have multiple quads lined up powered on ready to go during practise. Fly one till your battery is done or crashed out then shut off that vtx and turn on one of the others and take off right away. Team racing will be next level now as well with this new device.

The OlaFPV VTX Assassin is a 30-30 mounting board for your VTX and RX with an integrated “VTX Kill switch”, meaning you can turn your VTX off based off a signal from your FC. This allows for ultra fast pit stops at team races, back to back flight of separate aircraft, and the peace of mind that comes with the ability to power down your vtx, which is often prone to overheating. 

Vtx Assassininstructions.

Use the new pinio dump configurator to help with bf setup.


  • Electrical VTX Kill switch - power on and off your vtx via a switch on your radio!
  • Physical VTX Kill switch - never worry about powering up your quad while others are flying again! Just move the physical switch to the off position, and your VTX will not power on
  • Ultra clean mounting for TBS Unify VTXs, TBS Crossfire Nano RXs, and Frsky XM RXs
  • JST SH 9-pin connector and high-quality silicone cable for easy replacement and installation
  • Solder pads for those who don't like connectors
  • Vibration Dampening “gummies” to make your electronics last longer - The most common failure for FPV electronics is vibrations and stress in crashes, and gummies significantly reduce both of those! 
  • Convenient solder pads for the camera - Sick of running camera wires across your quad to get all the connections you need? All the camera pads can now be found in one clean location!
  • Ultra clean component mounting - sick of not having space for your components? The Assassin gives all your components a clean spot while keeping your stack as low as 22mm
  • * EXPERIMENTAL TBS “Smart Audio Lite” (Nano Unify Smart Audio) to standard Smart Audio converter


  • All U.Fl TBS Unify VTXs (HV, HV race, Nano, 5v V3 Pro)*
  • MMCX Unifys are not Natively supported
  • TBS Crossfire Nano RX
  • FrSky XM+ 
  • FrSky XM+ 
  • All cameras
  • *Almost any VTX / RX can be used, if connected using wires. For example, you can use a IRC Tramp if you solder the Tramp cables to the VTX pads.

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