PULSE LIPO 4000mAh 7.4V (Transmitter Battery) ULTRA POWER SERIES - FOR DX7S/DX8/DX9 TX

PULSE LIPO 4000mAh 7.4V (Transmitter Battery) ULTRA POWER SERIES - FOR DX7S/DX8/DX9 TX

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Pulse Spektrum Transmitter Pack - Incredible Run Time at Half the Cost

Replacing your NiMh transmitter battery with a dedicated LiPo transmitter pack brings a new dimension to transmitter functionality. Gone are the days of the constant need to keep your Tx battery charged or topped off, and never again will you have to worry about having your Tx battery die at the field.

Utilizing a 4000mah 2S 7.4V LiPo battery dedicated for the Spektrum DX7S & DX8, this battery will provide immense flight time with your transmitter, allowing you to simply enjoy flying. Further, at half the cost of the stock Spektrum LiPo battery, the Pulse Ultra Tx battery allows you to enjoy all the benefits of LiPo technology without the excessive cost.

Designed to charge inside your transmitter with your Spektrum based transmitter charger (not included), the charging process is simple as it gets. Simply charge your Tx battery as normal, and get ready to enjoy massive run time without the worry of a dying transmitter pack.

Note: For Spektrum DX7S & DX8 users, be sure to select the "LiPo" function within your transmitter when installing the Pulse Ultra LiPo battery. This will allow your transmitter to properly monitor the battery voltage and warn you when the battery voltage becomes too low.



Cell Count: 2S (7.4V)

Capacity: 4,000mah

Dimensions: 70mm x 50mm x 20mm  (LxWxH)

Weight: 135g









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