Pulse Ultra Lipo Safety Case (380x75x300mm) 4 Slots

Pulse Ultra Lipo Safety Case (380x75x300mm) 4 Slots

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Pulse Ultra Lipo Safety Case (380x75x300mm) 4 Slots , This Lipocase is designed to carry Stick packs for heli's from Goblin 630 , Goblin700 and Goblin 770 , and all stick pack Align helis also.  it will carry the largest packs up to 14S with battery tray attached.

If you have stick packs for your heli and are tired of not having a carry case that is made for them , this is the carry case for you.  it is Lipo Safe and burn resistant to help contain a lipo fire.

Perfect for storing and carrying your stick pack lipo battery's to keep them from getting damaged or scuffed during travel... 

 Also great for all you large scale Electric Airplane pilots to carry all your packs...


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