FlightOne Megabolt Race 4in1 Esc NEW!

FlightOne Megabolt Race 4in1 Esc NEW!

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The new FlightOne MegaBolt 4n1 esc is finally here!

STM32 BLHeli32 based Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) which controls your motors. The FreeStyle version has by far the most capacitance and is the smoothest and most responsive of all the ESCs. This ESC is a little more expensive then the basic but gives the best performance.


Power and Cooling Speed Controller

Megabolt Race is the Coolest Speed Controller.

  • More Cooling
  • Less Capacitance
  • 40v Rated Fet Drivers
  • American Made STM32 Processors
  • 30.5mm x 30.5mm mounting
  • DShot2400/DShot64 Support
  • 4s-6s Lipo Battery Powered
  • Solder Pads or Connectors

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