SAB Goblin 770 Conversion Comp. Tail Kit [CK771]

SAB Goblin 770 Conversion Comp. Tail Kit [CK771]

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- Steel Tail Shaft x 1pc

- Steel Tail Hub x 1pc

- Cup Point Set Screws M4 x 6 x 1pc

- Tail Oring Damperner x 2pcs

- Aluminum Tail Blade Grip x 2pcs

- Radial Bearing Ø5 X Ø10 X 4 x 4pcs

- Thrust Bearing Ø5X Ø10 X 4 x 2pcs

- Button Head Socket Cap M4x6 x 2pcs

- Socket Head Cap M2x6 x 4pcs

- Washer Ø5 x Ø8.9 x 0,75 x 2pcs

- Washer Ø7.5 x Ø10 x 0,5 x 2pcs

- Steel 5mm Tail Spilde Shaft x 1pc

- Plastic Tail Linkage x 2pcs

- Grip Link Bushing x 2pcs

- Aluminum Tail Side Plate x 1pc

- Flanged bearing Ø6 x Ø13 x 5 x 1pc

- Aluminum Tail Case Spacer x 1pc

- Socket Head Cap M3x8 x 4pcs

- Carbon Fiber Tail Boom Yellow x 1pc

- Carbon Fiber Tail Locking Reinforcement x 2pcs

- Doulble Side Tape x 2pcs

- Cup Point Set Screws M3X20 x 1pc

- Washer Ø3,1 x Ø12 x 1.8 x 2pcs

- Metric hex locknut Nuts M3 H4 x 4pcs

- Aluminum Tail Boom Support x 2pcs

- Socket Head Cap M3x12 x 2pcs

- Nylon Screw M8 x 20 x 2pcs

- Flat Head Socket Cap M3x8 x 1pc

- Aluminum Tail Boom Block x 1pc

- DIN 12.9 Shoulder Socket Head Cap Screw M3 x 18 x 2pcs

- Metric hex locknut Nuts M3 H4 x 2pcs

- Carbon Fiber Tail Push Rod Ø4 x Ø2,5 x 752 x 1pc

- Threaded rod M2,5x40 x 2pcs

- Plastic Ball Linkage x 2pcs

- Uniball M2 Ø5 H3.5 x 2pcs

- Tail Blade Silver 110mm x 1 set

Use for:

- Goblin 770 to convert to become Goblin 770 Competition


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