SP-OXY3-097 - OXY3 - Qube 3 Tail Blade System - Combo

SP-OXY3-097 - OXY3 - Qube 3 Tail Blade System - Combo

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Download PDF Manual here

Oxy Heli offer 3 Tail Blade System for OXY3 Heli.

We named "Qube" system to help on the designation!

In order to support the Oxy 3 Heli, Oxy Heli in cooperation with Lynx defines after long testing this 3 Tail Blade system named “Qube”

Simple and stronger deign assure the best efficacy…

The Qube Tail system was designed to work with the Qube Head System. Dedicated tail response and holding, required form a 3 Main Blade System. Can also used on the standard configuration (two main blade 255 or 285mm).


- Direct replacement for Oxy 3.

- New and different way to fly your Oxy 3 - Qube.

- Easy to build and repair in case of crash.

- Increased Tail efficiency, specifically dedicated for 3 Main Blade System, with standard Oxy 3 kit 15 tooth tail pulley

- Unique look and fly sound.

- System preassembled for quality reason, no lock thread for your final assembly and check.



1 x Set of 3 x Tail Blade Oxy 47 mm

1 x Oxy 3 - 3 Tail Blade Hub – Preassembled NOT Ready to fly (follow manual for final assembly)

1 x Oxy 3 - 3 Tail Blade Pitch Slider


Follow user manual for more information of final assembly.

 Test show an increased efficacy and Tail Gain should reduced form 2 to 5 % compare your standard 2 Tail Blade set upIn any cases before 3d fly, we suggest to check and adjust Rudder Gain per your set-up need.

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