Spedix RC IS40 4in1 Mini 20x20 ESC 3-6s NEW

Spedix RC IS40 4in1 Mini 20x20 ESC 3-6s NEW

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The newest offering from Spedix RC, the IS40 4in1 mini is an extremely durable 20x20mm mounting 6S capable 4in1 ESC. Limited by the smaller size of 20x20mm ESC, engineers have always been using 3mm mini MOSFET. 

This compromise made these ESCs vulnerable to the ever-growing demand of heat sinking capabilities and current/voltage tolerance of the FPV market. With our innovative design, by separating the control board and the power board, we successfully implemented full-size 5*6mm MOSFET onto this 20*20mm ESC.We are able to present you with a high performance mini 20*20mm ESC of extreme reliability and responsiveness.

1. Innovative double deck design enables the implementation of full-size 5*6 MOSFET on 20*20mm mini 4IN1 ESC.

2. 40V MOSFET improves the overall reliability in fastresponse to throttle signals,making the 6 cell inputcapable in the real world.

3. Silicone rings insulate standoffs, PCB, and parts.

4. Extremely small size makes mounting on smaller frames easier than ever.

Input:3-6 Cell LiPo

Continuous Current: 40A

Burst Current: 50A≤10S


Current Detection: YES

Firmware: BLHeli_S

Dimensions: 40x31x8mm

Mount Holes: 20x20mm


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