Universal Soko Heli Set Up Tool Kit

Universal Soko Heli Set Up Tool Kit

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You are a thorough or even meticulous hobbyist who likes to spend a lot of time to setup the helicopter. The assembling process is at least as important and fun as the flying itself.

We are sure we met your passion with Soko Kit and our highly detailed instructions. The most important point during development of the Soko Kit was to achieve the highest accuracy possible.
Each procedure and each step of our instructions was rigorously analysed to give unprecedented and accurate results.

We hope you enjoy reading each page of these instructions as we did writing it.

You are a paramount pilot who likes to finish the setup as fast as possible. The primary goal is to be out and flying again. But still with the best setup possible for the time you like to invest. OK, don’t let us waste time here.

Just look for the “FAST FORWARD” colour coded sections in the instructions. It can’t go faster!

Click here to download the latest instructions (v2.2, 2013-05-20)

Soko Heli kit includes:

1x Soko Gauge

2x AAA batteries

1x Soko Helical

1x Zipper bag

1x M1.6x6mm hex screw

1x M2x6mm hex screw

3x M3x6mm hex screws

1x M2 washer

2x M3 washer

1x Special mounting velcro

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