XNOVA FS Freestyle Smooth Series 2207-2400kv (4s/5s) (4pcs) NEW!

XNOVA FS Freestyle Smooth Series 2207-2400kv (4s/5s) (4pcs) NEW!

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For years Xnova has been a top shelf motor brand and with the explosion of popularity in the racing scene, they decided it was time to make their mark in the freestyle world. The FS series was designed for ultra smooth flight characteristics while maintaining that raw power feel needed to pull out of dives and other extreme maneuvers with confidence. Precision tolerances, high quality materials, unmatched level of performance and durability along with the new price format will make these one of the go-to freestyle and long range motors for 2019!


  • Low cogging torque and smooth running
  • Great efficiency to give you more flight time
  • Suitable for smooth flight video recordings
  • Made of fine CNC aluminium 
  • All motors are well balanced and fully tested before packaging  


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