Xnova XTS 2820-890KV- Goblin 380

Xnova XTS 2820-890KV- Goblin 380

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Xnova XTS version brushless high performance out-runner motor is designed for extrene 3D flying and good flight time. This motor is specially made for SAB-Goblin 380 helicopter where high power and weight ratio are important.

  1. High quality Neodym Mag.heat res. up to 150 degree C.
  2. Specialized wires,heat resistance up to 250 degree C.
  3. Well balanced.
  4. High performance stator metal sheet.
  5. High quality NMB bearings.
  6. Marked leading high effiency up to 90%.
  7. Cooler running.
  8. Superb quality and machining of CNC parts.
  9. Handwound single strand wire.

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