Xnova XTS 3215-930KV TAREQ EDITION - Goblin 380

Xnova XTS 3215-930KV TAREQ EDITION - Goblin 380

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If you are looking for a great power motor for your Goblin 380, look no more because it is here. The Xnova XTS 3215-930KV is designed for the only purpose, to provide extreme power to the Goblin 380 to support any hardest or craziest 3D perfomance. Test flown succesfully many times by world-top pilot, Tareq Alsaadi, this motor will bring you the power you've never experienced before on a 450 sized heli.  

  1. High qual. Neodym Mag.heat res. up to 150 degree C.
  2. Specialized wires,heat resistance up to 250 degree C.
  3. Precise balanced.
  4. High performance stator metal sheet.
  5. Very large High quality NMB bearings.
  6. Marked leading high effiency up to 91%.
  7. Cooler running.
  8. Superb quality and machining of CNC parts.
  9. Handwound single strand wire

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