XNova Freestyle Smooth 2207-2750KV FS Line FPV Motor (4 motors)

XNova Freestyle Smooth 2207-2750KV FS Line FPV Motor (4 motors)

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XNova is a top tier brushless motor manufacturer in the world of FPV Racing.

Their new engines, designed in partnership with our J-True sponsored driver, come in two versions, Smooth Line and Hard Line!

Here you will find the FS-Line (Freestyle Smooth Line) which are 2207 engines with different KV available (1700 and 2750Kv) for superb videos and flowing flights.
Strong points :


  • For superb smooth flight video recordings
  • High performance and finest CNC quality
  • Ultimate efficiency
  • Low cogging torque and smooth running
  • Precisely balanced and fully tested


The XNova FS-Line engines are 2207, their difference with the FH-Line is that they are much more smooth at the expense of their power.

The 2750 Kv have the same behavior in flight but with a less linear gas curve than the 2400kv.

The 1700 Kv have the same behavior, but will be more for use in 6S.

The bell is super strong and is made to take shocks, just like the shaft.

It is especially at the level of the recovery of the gases that the FH-Line and the FS-Line oppose: the FS-Line are made in particular for the movements ample and quite soft, a fluid behavior in flight, hence its SMOOTH name. The FH-Line are they much more nervous, they are perfect for all that is proximity because the recovery of these engines allows us to be able to approach closer to the obstacles in flight and to be able to go away in a small blow of gas.


1 x XNova 2207 FS-Line engine 


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