ZMR250 Power Distribution Board V2

ZMR250 Power Distribution Board V2

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    US $1800

  • Product Code: ZMR-PDB2
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  • BEC 5V/3A
  • LC Power Filter-1.7A
  • Lost Model Alarm
  • Interface for OPTO ESC: 4 OPTO ESC 15A is included so there's no need for extra wire to connect to the PDB, lowering the weight of the board and creating a neat layout. ESC can be replaced easily
  • Interface for Voltage Tester: Voltage tester is included
  • Interface for Motor Wire: Easy to weld motor wire to the PDB, no need for head shrink
  • Interface for LEDs: Included front and back LED with switch: 2 front White 5730LEDs, 2 back Red 5730 LEDs 


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